It was a Saturday morning late this winter, when a few friends and I set off for a breakfast of dim sum. Here you can find dim sum for breakfast, usually starting at eight in the morning. One of my favorite places closed last year so it has been an ongoing quest to find a new favorite spot. That morning we were headed to "one of the best dim sum restaurants", which was always full for lunch and so that is why we were going early.

We headed to the nearby restaurant: Szechuan Gourmet which as a couple of locations here. I quickly informed myself about the various dishes, because in addition to the Szechuan region (or do you write it Sichuan, now?) there are 8 other Chinese provinces, such as Hunan, Fujian or Xiang, where very different things are cooked. Although it is clear to me that there must be differences, I have been satisfied with the Americanized Chinese cuisine and dim sum I have eaten.

What a mistake!

Szechuan food (yes, I just invented that word) is boasted by the use of garlic, chilli pods and the famous Szechuan pepper. This pepper is really great: It tastes spicy, prickling and makes the tongue a bit numb for a short time. Until that point I hadn't eaten them before. But you know me, on the way home I bought a small bag of them later at the market.

Szechuan Gourmet is available 3 times in New York (just looked). They are certainly in a good position to before my new all time favorite.